.. has been METROED.. This is my news page..

Protopage has been metroed

No, it wasn’t me. Protopage have updated to flat, dull colours and two dimensional buttons. How nice, As usual, nobody asked what I thought before the change was made, so I will let it be known now.

I actually like the new Windows 8 flat look. Tabs and tab text are clearer than before and the whole page looks quite smart, and it fits nicely with the flat look and sharp edges of the Windows 8 desktop.

There was a time when I liked the look of stuff like Lotus Organiser, and it was a good transition from the paper version, but I have grown up since then, and gotten older, so plain and easy to read is of the essence. I had made similar changes to my website too, clean and easy to read being the order of the day.

To be honest, I have thought for the longest time that everything on screen was getting a bit messy, lots of (read too many) styles all compressed into a page. Having briefly used a couple of Windows 8 app news readers, I think that it is about time for a change to the clearer magazine style of web pages, and will start look again at the readability of my own pages.

So, what do you think? Is the Windows 8 style more pleasing and easier to navigate?