Reviews of the 8.1 preview are still showing no proper Start menu. Why is this?

  • Somebody said that you wouldn’t bring it back because too many would switch to it and forget about Windows 8 apps. Isn’t that telling you something?
  • Apple are not putting touch screens on their desktops and laptops because it makes absolutely no sense.
  • It makes no sense to try to get a touch OS to work like a traditional desktop OS as you have already discovered.
  • Desktop and laptop users want the Start menu which has worked so well for so long, and there are still millions of desktop and laptop owners.
  • It makes even less sense to include a feature which will tile four apps on a tiny screen and call it multi-tasking.

Industry experts say that you should listen to consumers, and you say that you are, finally. Sorry, but your hybrid Start menu clearly shows that you are NOT listening, or only selectively listening at best.

If your new Start menu blitzes the ability to run Start8 or Classic Shell, desktop and laptops owners are going to be even more angry than they are now. It would be better to leave the Start menu to software houses that care rather than just screw it up for desktop and laptop users even more.

Do you really believe that we are all going to rush out and by the Surface or RT and then pay as we go to use cloud versions of software we already have? Whoever is running your surveys, you should fire them because they are telling you want YOU want to hear, not what consumers want.

Like I said, it is not funny anymore..