The last Java update I ran, it wanted to install McAfee scanner onto my system. I need McAfee on my computer like my Jeep needs four flat tires. but at least Oracle had the decency to make it obvious.

In many instances, it is not so obvious. Aways back, Yahoo made you aware that it would install a couple of items, but kept two hidden from view behind the ‘custom’ install button. Yahoo, this is why I no longer install anything Yahoo on my computer. It will be years before I trust you again. Unfortunately, I still have some dealings with Yahoo in as much as Rogers teamed up with Yahoo to provide online mail services.

Google, I dislike you intensely for the constant push you make to get your crappy toolbar onto IE such that it will slow down and make Google Chrome look better. I would sooner install the Opera browser than use yours.

Easeus,  your partition manager is good, but quit it with marketing registry cleaners and optimizers. They are junk and you know it.

Raxco, the same applies to you re registry cleaners and other optimizers. There is no need for them. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend your main product either. I have never come across an utility that is so difficult to uninstall EVER.

To all software authors, quit with offering junk. I spend hours per day trying to help computers users clean up the mess that your ‘extras’ create. What has happened to integrity?

Web masters, what is it with you guys that we have to endure popups and ads every time that we run our mouse pointer across the screen? I am tired of having to close down ads before I can see what I searched.

To the web masters using Google Adsense. Check out what is being advertised before you set it free. I tried the service a long time back, just a small box, but when I saw what was being advertised, it was GONE.

Extra cash is always welcome but get it in a nice way that doesn’t include preying on fears and myths.