Total Defense – PC Tune-up 4.0

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This is what you get with every new PC purchase at my local TigerDirect store. Let’s take a look.. First screen: I am just a few clicks away from having a perfectly performing PC. I can’t wait so I will click on ‘Get Started’ now. Oh-oh. A red window. It has found some dreaded errors […]

Windows 8.1 (desktop) + 16 days..

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Apart from issues that have been around even when running Windows 7, I can’t say that Windows 8.1 has given me much grief at all. The resident browser is Internet Explorer 11, and apart from adding eight websites to the compatibility list, it hasn’t given me much grief either. One piece of hardware which used […]

Goings on..

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A new card reader: The difference that a year makes, well actually six years. Today, I bit the bullet and bought a card reader for my desktop PC. I have been trying to make do with XP vintage card readers, and it wasn’t working out to well at all. My new card reader is an […]

A new PC..

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Not for me though. I bought it on behalf of a neighbour who struggles to get out. The old PC, a homebuilt based around an Asus M2NE-SLI, was gradually fading away, first the NIC and then sound. Both were replaced by PCI cards. The disk controllers were the last to go and the final straw. […]

SSDs give no warning..

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(There is a link to the article that spawned this posting at the very end.) I will start off with a quote.. “Linus Torvalds found out the hard way that solid-state drives (SSDs) aren’t invincible — and when they do fail, they can die without warning and at inconvenient times.” A paragraph lower, Linus explains […]

Windows 8.1 + 24 hours..

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OK. I survived the last round of updates and all still appears to be working and the hibernation issue that I had appears to have gone. So, first impressions: The Tile menu is better than it was. The tiles I first see in Metro mode are for applications already installed. I have to scroll across […]

Windows 8 upgraded to 8.1..

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It took a little over an hour to complete and now I feel distinctly alone. While upgrading, I made choices that the average user is going to make and already I am regretting some of them. Express settings.. Was it this choice that forced me into having to sign on with my Microsoft account? Probably, […]

Why smartwatches are not a good idea..

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is the reason. Let me explain.. I was walking through my local Target store yesterday and came across one of these on a shelf priced at $9.99. In Tim Hortons, they cost around $1.50. So why the price hike? I will tell you. Many Canadians can’t make a step in front unless they […]

Nokia is in the news..

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Microsoft aims to buy Nokia, subject to being allowed. It will all help towards the ‘devices and services’ direction that Ballmer has set in motion. The only problem I can see is getting Nokia to make a really good phone. Nokia did make a very good phone indeed, but it was a while ago, around […]

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