In 2009, Microsoft introduced us to Microsoft Security Essentials, a small footprint, non-invasive anti-virus solution that did not have an adverse effect on any system  to which is was applied, and effective too.

In recent times, and with little or no fanfare, Microsoft have demoted it to the bottom of the pile. You can read more here..

To cut a long story short, for whatever reason, Microsoft has lost interest in Microsoft Security Essentials and is now suggesting that computer users find a 3rd party solution which is more effective.

ALL of my clients are running MSE because I advised it. Microsoft never approached me and said “Mike, we know that you mean well and it was the right thing to between 2009 and 2011,  but please suggest an alternative that WORKS as we no longer care”.

I will email my local clients with instructions on what to do next, and will call those whom I know will not be able to uninstall MSE and install an alternative with any certainty.


I have tried a few freebies over the years, and some were and still are no fun at all, popping up ads to buy the subscription versions daily. Others have grown into leviathans which should be avoided at all costs. Bitdefender free version is my choice at the moment, and I have turned all of the computers on my home network to it. For all of the computer users in forums where I suggested that MSE was a good product to use, there was a time not so far back when it was a good claim. I apologise for the advice given over the 12 months.

You can get Bitdefender free here.

The process is simple enough..

  1. Download and save the Bitdefender file..
  2. Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials at your earliest convenience..
  3. When finished, locate the downloaded Bitdefender file and run it
  4. Fill in the Bitdefender sign up when requested (you have to create an account)..
  5. Got to your email and wait for the Bitdefender confirmation to arrive
  6. Open it and click on the link to confirm
  7. Bitdefender will request that you reboot your machine..
  8. Job done..