Do you really need this level of encryption?

I say this because if anything untoward happens to the drive which is Bitlockered and/or you forget the password, you can also forget whatever is on the drive.

Bitlocker is not like other Windows utilities. There is absolutely nothing lightweight about it. Unlike media players and anti-virus solutions, nobody else markets anything like it at small business and consumer level. There are no pending lawsuits regarding Microsoft’s hard core encryption system.

Think hard and long about it before committing to setting up Bitlocker. If something goes wrong, there is NO return. Nobody can help you retrieve any data locked in by it.

If you are determined to use it, never ever lock your C drive, and ensure that you have backups tucked away somewhere.

If you have data which is so important, buy a small Fire Safe to store them. They are not cheap but you will still be able to get at your stuff even if you have to employ the services of a professional safe cracker.

See this as a Public Service Announcement. If ever you hear family and friends discussing Bitlocker, warn them of the pitfalls.