The apps should have had a ‘minimize’ and ‘close’ function and in the same place that Windows applications have always had them, in the top right corner.

There should have been a task bar which contained a ‘shutdown’ button with the familiar options to sleep, hibernate, restart etc.

The task bar could have also contained any app which had been minimized just as Windows 7 does, such that the user could easily switch between apps and utilities.

As it stands now, users are left wondering how to get out of apps, because it is not obvious in the present format. The shutdown options are hidden in a flip out charm called PC Settings. Why hide these features. They are basic functions and we all need to use them at some point in a day.

The Windows 8.1 update would have been a great opening for the above features. Instead, we get an arrow pointing South which brings up absolutely everything which is installed. It is a baffling view, especially to users with less than perfect vision, and there is still no obvious way to shut the machine down.

OK, do the above and now you can lose the classic Start menu, because the majority of Windows users that I come across all like the most used programs on the desktop, NOT in the classic Start menu.

I have been running Windows 8, subsequently 8.1, I use it in conjunction with Start8, one of the third party start menus available for use in Windows 8, and QuickLaunch in the Task bar. It better suits what I do and how I do it. I am not the average user who surfs a bit and plays a bit. I do online support, work on local client machines and I am System Administrator to four machines on the home network.