If there is one function that a Windows 8.1 desktop user doesn’t need, it is ’Hot Corners’.  A Windows 8.1 desktop user needs hot corners even less if, like me, the preferred place for the task bar is at the ‘top’

The hot corner does a great job of hiding the Start button and Quick Launch, and it doesn’t respond to instruction given within the hot corner. Great, super. Fortunately, the Windows task bar can be pulled away from its position easily, giving access to controls which can see the hot corners banished for ever or a ‘refresh’, whichever comes first.


The link will take you to the easy ways, or you can get all techie and use the group policy editor. This is how:

  1. Enter gpedit.msc in the Search Bar.
  2. Next, Open User Configuration >  Administrative Templates >  Windows Components > Edge UI
  3. Double click  ‘Disable Help Tips’
  4. Check ‘Enabled
  5. Click on “Apply” > OK

You should now have a ‘Hot Corner’ free Windows 8.1, just like mine.. Smile