There I was, trundling through life in Windows 7, going into the forums almost every day, and then Windows 8 appeared and spoiled it all.

Looking at the future of me continuing to support Windows, I set up a third hard drive in my case for use with Windows 8 developer preview in a ‘virtual’ dual boot configuration, but Windows 8 wanted dearly to trash the Windows 7 installation on the primary drive.


So, I decided that maybe it would be a good idea to ‘contain’ Windows 8, and I installed it into a virtual machine. Working with Windows 8 in a virtual machine is a bit like trying to make up a jigsaw without taking it out of the box.

REMOVE the virtual machine and RETHINK

OK,. Time to wait for the RTM,

Still wanting to be able to support Windows 8, I created the Windows 8 DVD and UPGRADED over a perfectly good, working Windows 7, being as this is how most users were going to get Windows 8.

This worked for a while. I had installed the Start8 beta, but jumped between sensible and the tiles, trying to get a feel for both and even installed some logo games from the Windows Store. I was having fun until the default tiles started to play up. The logo games were great but the other tiles wanted to update and upgrade but the system wouldn’t let them do this. No fix that I could find worked to fix the issues.


Should I cut my losses and re-install Windows 7? Not if I was going to support Windows 8. After a clean install of Windows 8, I updated Windows 8, and then installed my stuff, including Start8. Everything went swimmingly well, except for one small issue.

I daren’t go into the Metro interface. I know what will happen because I have seen it in the Windows 8 forum, and I have ‘been there’ before. There is talk of ‘refreshing’ and re-installing, and I have been there before too.

Has this affected my quest to support Windows 8? HUGELY, it has. I don’t support Windows 8 in its tile from because I couldn’t fix my own tile issues, and I have yet to see answers which work without having to refresh or re-install. I have yet to see anybody who has ‘refreshed’ and been anything other than unhappy after the experience.

So, here I sit, a perfectly good Windows 8 computer in front of me, and I am still supporting Windows 7..

Smile but it isn’t funny really..