If you read the article in the link here, you could be forgiven for thinking that revival of a proper Start menu is a strong possibility. It was always going to be that way because 90% of computers are STILL traditional desktop or notebook types  Also, the rush to buy touch enabled desktops and laptops never happened for a couple of reasons..

  1. They are way more expensive than their non-touch counterparts..
  2. They come pre-installed  with an operating system lacking obvious basic controls with which it could be worked, a scenario which is about as welcome as getting a jail sentence for a crime that you didn’t commit..

The original Start menu was also the STOP menu, and losing that by hiding it in the ‘PC Settings’ charm was about as dumb as it can get.

Users tried to accommodate Windows 8 out of the box, but there is NO way that an OS designed for tiny infopad or tablet can get close to a full featured PC. Netbooks had already shown and proved that. Sensible people looked for a 3rd party Start alternative and it didn’t take long. They had been around for Windows 7 users who were still in tears over the loss of Start features that had been available in XP and Vista.

Anyway, the good news is here:


If you didn’t hear, Microsoft have ‘pulled’ the date for which Windows 7 will be taken off sale in any form. It is now ‘To Be Decided’. The date that was already released could still be ok if Microsoft can get their act together and releases a Start menu update/upgrade around the middle of 2014.