.. is a disk utility which shows very clearly indeed the health of your hard drives, be they internal or external.. See here..


It isn’t the world’s most useful disk utility ever in that it doesn’t have any tests other than what it runs when starting up. However, it does contain useful info:

  1. Model number – now you can easily determine which hard drive tools to use (they are not all the same).
  2. Serial number – useful if you want to check the warranty status without having to remove the drive.
  3. Drive letters allocated to the partitions on the drive.
  4. Basic health – see the blue rectangle?
  5. Temperature – always good to know how hot is is in there.

OK so far? Do you want CrystalDiskInfo?

Whenever I see a useful utility, I take a look, and invariably there is a download manager in charge. MajorGeeks doesn’t have a download manager, so to get this, I search for ‘CrytalDiskInfo MajorGeeks’ and hey presto, I land on the MG website and there is CrystalDiskInfo.

Now this is weird. MG usually provides three sources, but this time, there is only one, the software author website, but I press ahead, download the file and run it.

There is a check box for Conduit which I ensure is marked appropriately such that I DON’T get it, and the install proceeds.

CrystalDiskInfo installs and then auto starts, but there is more. When I start IE 11, guess who the search provider is. If you answer with anything OTHER than ‘Search Conduit’, you are WRONG.

Changing your homepage back to what you want is a waste of time because Search Conduit sets itself up as ‘protector’ to your home page, the home page which Search Conduit wants you to have.

It can be removed:

  1. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features
  2. Look for Search Conduit
  3. Highlight and select it, then click on ‘uninstall’
  4. Reboot the computer.
  5. Now run Malwarebytes which will list 12 or more nasties installed by Search Conduit.
  6. Select all of the entries and DELETE them
  7. Reboot the computer.
  8. Reset the home page to what you want..

You now have a fairly useful disk utility and NO search re-director, you lucky boys and girls..


BTW, the ‘list of seven’ is useful as a weekly check for any malware that creeps into the system.