My HD6450 gets Windows 8 support proper which is good, but to do much more than basic stuff, it is a total waste of $$$.

NORAD’s Santa tracker asked if I wanted to view Santa’s progress in 2D. I was aware when I bought it that it was no top performer, and only wanted it to get Windows 8 compatibility. Even so, the 6450 is a poor excuse for a video card.

I equate it with cheap forks (cutlery type) which bend if pushed through anything with a greater density than butter.

My old AMD 939 system running an nVidia 8500GT is a better gaming machine than this AMD 880G is.

I installed the WEI for Windows 8 and it showed 4.4. I have never liked the WEI thing and like it even less now.

I am upset.. LOL, truly upset that I was dumb enough NOT to look at reviews first.

It is the only time that I have bought a 3rd party video card where performance almost went BACKWARDS..

This piece is short and stilted because it suits the card and how I feel about it..

Don’t buy an HD6450 if you want anything other than low grade mediocrity..

Sad smile