Facebook wants to use your smartphone microphone to pick up on music that maybe playing in your background..

Facebook said last week it will soon introduce "a new, optional way to share and discover music, TV and movies." If users allow Facebook to access their microphone while they’re writing a status update, the company will identify the content playing in the background and automatically include it.

So, if you are standing next to a busy road, will it include ads for the ‘Le Mans’ or ‘Grand Prix’ movie soundtracks? ‘

This is one stupid and annoying feature and who can honestly say that it will always be an optional feature. How long will it be before Facebook is listening in on everything that you say? More here..


Apple buy Beats. Beats is all about music, a good thing for tablet carriers, and an confirmation in my mind at least that Apple devices are still squarely lifestyle accoutrements aimed at users who want to have FUN.

If Apple and Microsoft were ball point pens, the Apple pen would be used for signing important documents and large swirly autographs. The Microsoft pen, which incidentally, can write on any surface even if wet and uneven, would be the pen of choice for everything else.

It has to be said that buying anything Microsoft other than maybe an X-Box is not REALLY exciting unless you are a geek who fully appreciates multi-role attributes of a Microsoft Anything. Microsoft isn’t about glamour. It is about getting things done and Microsoft should stick with getting things done, ensuring that the targeted user base is ready for and can afford it..