Microsoft will not include a home-grown traditional start menu into Windows 8 until next year, and it will only be a mini-menu anyway, but I wonder if anybody truly cares anymore.

A client of mine, who recently attended a six month re-training session, informed me that Windows 8 is all pictures, and that MS Office 2013 wouldn’t read Office 2010 data files. It annoyed me on both counts, but Microsoft is squarely to blame for the first part of the statement.

Windows 8 should have installed with the best interface for the machine type, but it didn’t. We all got the pictures because the guy in charge of the Windows 8 delivery went out of his way to ensure it. Since that day, some have struggled with the interface because they thought that they had to do it, and the sensible ones resorted to 3rd party stuff just like we all did in the past when Microsoft offering proved to be less than useful.

Next year, 2015, will be Windows 8’s last year for being the top OS, and I have a feeling that it will not be missed by too many. The year also marks the release of yet another operating system and, hopefully, Microsoft will NOT make the same mistake again. There are still way too many PCs in use which do not and will never benefit from a touch interface or anything close.

As I think I have said before, I don’t want a home-grown traditional start menu for my Windows 8. I have Stardock’s Srat8 which has served me well. I may even be using Start9 if rumours of an up and coming mini-menu prove to be truthful..


BTW, my Windows 8.1 update is running really well and I have only had to make one small System Restore..