I know it is because the Dilbert cartoon on my home page has six elements instead of the usual three.

So far, I have:

  1. run maintenance on my Toshiba Netbook, a painfully slow process at best,
  2. updated it’s Libre Office to 4.2,
  3. followed up on some answers I gave in the Microsoft Community forums last week.
  4. run event viewer on my main computer which still only shows three errors of no particular concern

Last week, I installed Microsoft Office 2013 on a client computer and am now glad that I didn’t go beyond Office 2010. The 2013 interface is just too ‘Metro’ for my liking, an interface that I have fiercely avoided using at any level.

I have also changed the locations of the DVD drive and card reader being as I hardly ever use DVDs these days. The DVD drive has literally been demoted to a position lower down on the front panel. There is another reason too. The card reader labelling is VERY hard to read, especially at acute angles.

Were you expecting something else? It is Sunday, ya know..