Take a look at your smartphone, tablet or iPad. The top surface is called a ‘digitizer’ panel, of good optical quality, and very expensive.

I know this because my grand-daughter’s iPad Mini which she won in a ticket draw at her school was dropped onto decorative garden stones. It now looks like a spider web, but it still runs on and appears to be ok other than the glass.

I have searched online for ways to repair it, and have discovered that one needs the panel, specialized tools, specialized adhesive and a lot of patience as it is a very difficult job.

Fro the first time, ‘Papa’ (that’s me) who can fix anything is at a total loss. Her parents have too many current financial commitments to get it fixed professionally, costing maybe $150 in total, and I do too. The Apple Store charges $210, and I believe that they just swap the entire iPad for a new one.

The iPad was her pride and joy, and it still will be in time, but it is difficult to explain the situation to her, being as she is only six years old.

I am not expecting sympathy from any quarter, and there may be people out there who do not believe that a six year old should have her own iPad, but she won it, and in my books, that makes it hers..

So, a word of warning to all of you people who carry smartphones and tablets around wherever you go. Breaking the glass can break pockets and hearts. Be careful with your pride and joy, or else………….