Four machines to do, but one will be delayed because there is Facebook junk running on it.

The Windows 8 desktop managed to install all 17 major updates plus 1 optional, rebooting back to Windows 8 with no issues.

The Windows 7 desktop managed all 9 major updates plus one optional, and rebooted back to Windows 7 with no issues.

The Netbook running Windows 7 took a different route. Of the 9 plus 1 optional,

  1. it first stated that the updates were all successful but actually didn’t install anything at all.
  2. The second attempt claimed that 2 updates had installed correctly and 7 had failed, but on rebooting promptly set about installing 7 updates.
  3. The third attempt still showed 9 updates but all installed without any further odd errors.

I am not expecting the Lenovo to mirror the Toshiba, but who knows.. The Netbook is only rarely used and has nothing on it which might cause strange update behaviour. The main thing is that it is ok and works fine..