If you try to install and run older 3rd party software in Windows and it doesn’t run, asks for dll’s or anything else..

  1. .. it is not up to Microsoft to provide an answer..
  2. .. Microsoft has no financial interest in the sale of new versions of 3rd party software or hardware..
  3. .. it is not my fault, and I have no financial stake either..

I recommend what is best from an operational point of view, which incidentally may not be the cheapest route. Like many others, I also can’t afford to upgrade everything to the latest level, and yes, it is annoying to find that something I have used for a long time no longer runs.

BUT, I don’t work for Microsoft. I choose to use what knowledge I have to help others get a better experience with their Windows computers. If I have a problem with software or hardware, I go to the manufacturers of the same and ask questions, not blame people who have no vested interest in what works or doesn’t.

I am getting a little tired of computer users jumping on my case for not knowing about some arcane ‘fix’ for software I don’t have.

Use the Internet to find fixes if you don’t like what I have advised, but please quit blaming Microsoft or ME for stuff that is out of our control..