Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia..

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Event Viewer errors.. I have four of them, all appearing in the last 24 hours, all ongoing, and all are the Kernel-Power ID137 type. The Kernel-Power error occurs when there is what the system sees as a sudden shutdown, and is not the type of error which causes problems. It is always the after effects […]

One other minor migration issue..

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The migration of my blog saw included graphics disappear, to be replaced by the small checkbox square which is Windows way of telling you ‘NO, not gonna’. To this end, I edited the ‘Microsoft Account’ post to re-include the ‘recent activity’ graphic, and it only took seven edits to get it there and looking something […]

No blog stats !!!

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I like stats. The amount of hits per post give me a pointer to the type and style of content which is most important and/or popular (there is a difference) to readers of this blog. To this end, I have set up a WordPress plugin which shows the total hits for every entry. The trouble […]

Firefox again..

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Due to a Java update recently, I am unable to view ‘Live Timing’ on the Official F1 website. I tried uninstalling Java and putting it back, and it works just ONE time, then Windows 8, without any notification, inserts the last update and POOF, it stops working again. Why is it important for me to […]

The ‘wheel’ is making a comeback..

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.. in the next iteration of Windows.. The screenshot above is not Windows 8/8.1 by the way, although you can get this look already by using one of the many hybrid 3rd party start menus which abound presently. Note the inclusion of square wheels in the new menu. As much as Microsoft probably want to […]

Internet Explorer woes

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After having run Internet Explorer 11 successfully on a Toshiba NB250, a Lenovo G780 and an AMD 939 machine all running Windows 7, only two are still ok. The replacement for the AMD 939, an HP Pavilion M9500Y, freshly installed with Windows 7 Ultimate, will run it but very poorly. At first launch, IE 11 […]

Mint condition, hardly used..

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.. and it’s worth nothing unless Linux can make use of it because XP is no more and Vista is as good as no more. The product in question is a D-Link WDA 2320 wireless adapter rev A2, and D-Link offers zero support for it that I can see. It isn’t a new concept for […]

What could possibly go wrong?

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What should have been an easy swap has turned into a nightmare, and it started with a Windows 7 startup repair that wouldn’t. Back in the good old days, you could take a Windows 98 drive out of a machine, put it in another totally different type, and it would fix itself. Windows 7 doesn’t […]

The Internet is an unforgiving place..

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After the mess that was my last three ‘get it working again’ jobs, tonight I decided to see just how easy it was to replicate the three computers. The easiest way is to try to pirate activation codes, so I looked up an Angry Birds activation, and this is what happened next.. A link to […]

July 2014 updates..

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All three Windows 7 machines and one Windows 8 machine updated without issue. The Netbook did stall once, but a reboot sorted it out. There has been no loss of audio, wireless connections or anything else, proving again that Windows can update safely. The secret is not to force your computer to use an OS […]

Your Microsoft Account

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When you set up Windows 8, it asks you to use a Microsoft account, and the option to use any other email account is hidden away. Do you think that this is ‘controlling’ and unfair? Call me a ‘fanboi’ if you will, but there is good reason to go along with Microsoft and do as […]

Contagion in the cables..

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Of the last three computer to come by me, only one was salvageable without resorting to total recovery. The two laptops became nightmares as work progressed. It was easy enough to get rid of the bad stuff and the popups, but trying to repair the corruption in the operating system proved to be ultimately impossible. […]

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