.. and it’s worth nothing unless Linux can make use of it because XP is no more and Vista is as good as no more. The product in question is a D-Link WDA 2320 wireless adapter rev A2, and D-Link offers zero support for it that I can see. It isn’t a new concept for Windows users to own hardware that has zero value.

The good news is that I picked up an HP Pavilion M9500Y today. While it isn’t exactly new, released originally in November 2008, it is new to me and best of all was a FREEBIE. It will replace the aging AMD 939 in the production line-up. As you will likely know, I am no fan of HP products anymore but for free, I am not complaining. It is an AMD AM2+, 8gb RAM, nVidia 8500GS graphics, built in wireless adapter, and is presently running Windows 7 Ultimate off the 939’s 320GB hard drive.

The machine will be used by my grand-daughter primarily, and I will use part of the drive for archive storage. The PCIe wireless adapter which I fitted to the 939 machine has found its way into my main production machine, and I will be rebuilding the 939 with a 160gb HDD and the WDA 2320, and then install Linux onto it. The 939 will take its place on the floor at the side of my grand-daughter’s desk, a position formerly taken by a 2003 vintage MDG useless old thing that used to house the WDA 2320. It is not as confusing to me as it maybe to you, but I am pleased with the outcome of today’s find..

Smile .