What should have been an easy swap has turned into a nightmare, and it started with a Windows 7 startup repair that wouldn’t. Back in the good old days, you could take a Windows 98 drive out of a machine, put it in another totally different type, and it would fix itself. Windows 7 doesn’t and/or can’t do that.

The machines in question are not that far apart. AMD 939 and AM2 are so similar that it hurts, but Windows 7 couldn’t deal with it at all, so I reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch. Everything seemed to be ok until I upgraded IE to version 11. Since then, it has been as intransigent as all hell, and now it is stuck in a loop trying to re-configure a life without 11.

I have run IE11 in my own Windows 7, and on two family laptops without any issues at all, and now this. I can’t enter anything in a search, not even get the the Fix-it that would fix the problem, not get to an install of Firefox or Google Chrome, and now it will not reset back to a previous IE. Time for a system restore maybe. The first attempt failed, so I restored to a point not so far back in time, and that reported failure too. A message after a reboot told me that the system restore had in fact been successful, and the machine is running just like I had hoped, IE 11 still in place.

I also updated all of the hardware drivers.  Smile

Other issues.

The built in wireless function of the HP is so buried behind a desk and a couch that wireless reception is abysmal. The TP-Link adapter which I had put in my own machine is now in the HP, and the built in unit has been disabled. The antenna-less system used for desktops is not particularly good, and is almost certainly going to be shoved up against stuff. Wireless still likes line of sight, something that wireless keyboard/mouse users find out when the dongle is inserted into a backplate USB port. There should be a facility to connect a 3rd party antenna but there never is.

The old 939 is running Linux Mint 17 and runs it very well but for an issue with nVidia drivers and connecting the Brother MFC wirelessly. Installing devices in the latest version of Linux Mint is like installing devices in Windows 3.1. The Linux boys have got to get it together if they ever want Linux to be anything other than a backwater OS. 

If I want printing from the 939, I have to dig my printer out from where it is and connect it physically to the 939 via USB,  re-download the two local and wireless drivers and an installer, and go through the ridiculously complicated procedure again. I probably will do it just for the practice, but it will not be any time soon..