.. in the next iteration of Windows..


The screenshot above is not Windows 8/8.1 by the way, although you can get this look already by using one of the many hybrid 3rd party start menus which abound presently. Note the inclusion of square wheels in the new menu. As much as Microsoft probably want to put Windows 8 behind, there is still a desire to link the various operating systems across the range of devices in use.

I would like to think that the square bits could be hidden, to be replaced by the older style access points to the system rather than to apps which for me have no value, but I/we will have to wait and see. I am assuming that Start8 will rise to the occasion and morph into Start9 or whatever name Microsoft give to the next OS.

So, for you people who defended the change to square wheels, I am not going to be rude, and neither am I going to say ‘Told you so’. The next Windows will do it for me..