I like stats. The amount of hits per post give me a pointer to the type and style of content which is most important and/or popular (there is a difference) to readers of this blog.

To this end, I have set up a WordPress plugin which shows the total hits for every entry. The trouble is that post hits have been lost in the migration to WordPress from Community Server, and the stats look terrible at the moment.

Fortunately, the old link to Community Server re-directs original readers to the new address from what I can see, so I hope to see some numbers fairly soon. I have tried this out on one of the other computer here, so I know that it works..

There may be some original readers who might have thought that my blog (and other MVPS blogs) was gone forever, and have subsequently deleted the link. I am hoping that not too many have done that, not just for me, but all of the rest of the MVPS bloggers, some of whom put way more into their blogs than I do.

So now I can monitor the stats just like I did before, and all is well with the world. The hits counter also shows to readers, something that it didn’t in Community Server. I am not sure that I like this feature showing up to the public because the info was purely for me as explained above, and not an attempt to look good. I post what I feel is important for others to know..