The migration of my blog saw included graphics disappear, to be replaced by the small checkbox square which is Windows way of telling you ‘NO, not gonna’.

To this end, I edited the ‘Microsoft Account’ post to re-include the ‘recent activity’ graphic, and it only took seven edits to get it there and looking something like. For this reason, I will not be editing any more of the older posts. Readers will just have to use their imagination.

In any case, there are 750 older posts, and I doubt that I still have some of the graphics originally used. Every now and again, I clear them out as part of general housekeeping. And no, I don’t keep backups of of graphics like RAM modules and broken mobile mice. I have a fair bit of free storage space, but wouldn’t have were I to keep everything, and I am not about to buy a new drive just to keep junk on it..