MSN Messenger..

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.. will finally be pensioned off in October of this year. The final stand is in China, it having being pensioned off everywhere else in April of 2013. MSN Messenger first appeared on July 22, 1999, and was a basic but quick way to message across computer systems. Features were added over the years, and […]

Some blog stats..

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I am getting around 225 hits per day on this blog according to WordPress statistics. That isn’t too bad for the blog of an old guy who rambles a little and admits to mistakes now and again. What is more interesting is this one.. If the reported 40% ownership of tablets is a true figure, […]

More work on the website.. updated

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OK. The variations in text style have been cleared up almost entirely now, and all pages have a more uniform look about them. The other outstanding issue was the extended line length when viewed on 16:9 aspect monitors and notebook screens. I have set it up in a three column theme now which compresses the […]

Work on the website..

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Having fixed a Toshiba notebook recently, I added a link to my website onto the machine’s desktop and was horrified at what I was seeing. Even the home page was a mess, littered with different font sizes and styles. The Ewisoft Website builder that I have been using since the demise of FrontPage 2003 is […]


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.. full title Webroot SecureAnywhere.. It’s recommended by the ‘Geek Squad’ operating in Canada out of Best Buy and Futureshop, and is one of many anti-virus solutions for which one has to pay a subscription. So, what to do when you are tired of paying for subscriptions? Use a free solution of course.. This is […]

Keyboard language..

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I’m an ex-pat Brit living in Canada, and there is a very good chance that my first language will be English. Canada uses English UK spelling for many words, so the obvious choice for a keyboard language is English (Canada), and if I go to keyboard settings, English (Canada) is the ONLY language in the […]

Tough stuff..

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See here.. Microsoft are to blame, BUT Apple and Android are no better. This new way of monetizing an operating system will end in tears for many. The contributors are no different to the multiplicity of junk producers outside of the world of apps. You are not obliged to subscribe to any of it […]

Not genuine after a clone..

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I know that the above happens because I have seen it many times in the MS forums and newsgroups over the years. I always tell computer users not to take it as an affront that they are asked to activate the OS again, that it just happens occasionally. So, I woke up early today, noticed […]

Microsoft OneNote 2010.. not installed?

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A few minutes ago, I clicked on OneNote and it started to go into the Office 2010 install routine. Ouch. I let it run and maybe 40 seconds later was asked to restart the machine. I didn’t have any hope that the machine would restart, and/or that OneNote would work. Fortunately, it did on all […]


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This is a collection of KB’s which has seemingly cobbled Windows computers for some.. More info here and how to remove the affected KBs.. Please note two points.. Not everybody is affected, so don’t panic if you have seen no evidence of the ‘known issues’ in the link.. Reports in the IT press have […]

The ‘Threshold preview’

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The new Windows, but this is not about what is in it. This is about not getting stuck in it. It is being called a ‘tech’ preview and will be open to all, but you must be careful not to let excitement get the better of you. It is a beta by any other name […]

Storing parts..

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.. is what I do because I work on machines of all ages but, every now and again, I have to look at what I have and say ‘enough is enough’. For instance, I no longer support Windows XP or the machines on which XP ran, so 20 pin power supplies, DDR memory, hard drives […]

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