This is Protopage.. .. and I have been using it since the demise of Pageflakes. It is an Ajax home/start page which is customizable, not quite to the degree that others were (way less widgets), but very good for bookmarks, news, and the Dilbert cartoon.

Anyway, since upgrading to Windows 8.1 Update, I have been unable to add or swap out any widgets. I put it down to incompatibility with 8.1. and even wrote to the Protopage people about it only a few minutes ago, and then I remembered.

IE 11 – Compatibility View Settings

You will not be surprised to know that all is well now. For all other webpages, I would have no problem in pinning down issues, having added many sites to CVS over time. For reasons only known to me, I was seeing Protopage as a utility even though I knew that it wasn’t.

A classic case of not seeing wood for trees..