A few minutes ago, I clicked on OneNote and it started to go into the Office 2010 install routine. Ouch. I let it run and maybe 40 seconds later was asked to restart the machine. I didn’t have any hope that the machine would restart, and/or that OneNote would work.

Fortunately, it did on all counts, and the problem is seemingly gone. Was it anything to do with the rogue updates from the last patch session? I don’t know. OneNote is only started if I need one of my older canned responses, and I can’t remember if I used it between then and now.

I can’t sometimes remember if I finished a cup of coffee within the last hour, so asking me if I remember stuff from six days ago is an exercise in frustration for all concerned.

I will put it down to coincidence for now, but if anybody reading this has had a similar issue with any elements of Office 2007/2010/2013, leave a comment and I will pass the issue on to somebody with teeth in the Updates and MS Office product groups..