See here..

Microsoft are to blame, BUT Apple and Android are no better. This new way of monetizing an operating system will end in tears for many. The contributors are no different to the multiplicity of junk producers outside of the world of apps.

You are not obliged to subscribe to any of it if you don’t want, and I don’t want. I go out of my way to shun the concept of a ‘Post-PC’ era, and am equally careful about what I install from any source.

Call me old fashioned or whatever you like, but I got over being stupid a long time ago, and I am not about to become a re-born idiot.

There is a mechanism in place to report the scams.. see here..

.. but I have heard that it doesn’t always work, and throws up this message..

"The request could not be completed.  Please try again later." 

If you get this message, try adding the above link to Compatibility View Settings if you are using IE as your browser. The process may work better for you.

Not all contributions are bad, but how does one tell before subscribing to something? Scams are nothing new in the world of Windows, and the scammers have had plenty of time to learn that Windows users are not always the sharpest knives in the drawer.