I’m an ex-pat Brit living in Canada, and there is a very good chance that my first language will be English. Canada uses English UK spelling for many words, so the obvious choice for a keyboard language is English (Canada), and if I go to keyboard settings, English (Canada) is the ONLY language in the list.

ST1The Notification Area tells another story. If I click on the ‘ENG’, I get a choice of TWO languages, and traditionally, the ENG has only exited if there was a choice of more than one language in the list. As I have already explained, I don’t have two in my list, but I can get rid of the ENG by adding English US to the list and then removing it.  This works for the session, but appears on a reboot..

Aha, this is Windows 8.1, and the language bar isn’t a toolbar anymore, and neither is it a Notification Area icon, so there has to be something else putting it there, and here it is..

ST2It is now a ‘system’ icon, and at the base of the Notification Area properties window, in suitably small print, is where you get to turn it off. See the top line in the graphic?

The language toolbar has joined the ranks of the clock, volume and network icons, probably should always have been in that group, but it wasn’t and I have wasted an hour in the last two days trying to see it off. Even little changes like this can turn into a real annoyance, and as far as I am aware, this blog post is the only location on the Internet where you can find out that the Windows 8.1 language ‘bar’ is not a bar at all..