Having fixed a Toshiba notebook recently, I added a link to my website onto the machine’s desktop and was horrified at what I was seeing. Even the home page was a mess, littered with different font sizes and styles.

The Ewisoft Website builder that I have been using since the demise of FrontPage 2003 is ok, but it doesn’t like some of the text which was pasted across, and simply would not allow any changes to be made.

So, over the last three days, I have been changing the font and size throughout the entire site, retyping some of the text where no easy change was being allowed. It took a while. I have used Lucida Sans Unicode at 16pt, making it as easy to read for everybody without turning it into a BIG PRINT site.

Spelling is an issue in places too. The Ewisoft spellchecker is quite poor, and one can’t even add words to it. The best way to check everything is to copy and paste each page into Word, see where the mistakes are and then correct while still in Ewisoft edit mode. Very tedious, indeed, and I really wish that I was good enough to not have to use a WYSIWYG website builder..

Anyway, I am working on it.. slowly. If you want to take a look, see here..