OK. The variations in text style have been cleared up almost entirely now, and all pages have a more uniform look about them.

The other outstanding issue was the extended line length when viewed on 16:9 aspect monitors and notebook screens. I have set it up in a three column theme now which compresses the width of the text area, so now it should be less easy to lose one’s place while negotiating one line of text.

The funny part is that my tech blog now looks wider on a 16:9 screen than the website does.

Next issue: Text size..

My website was originally set up for my local clients plus anybody else who came across it. As most of my clients are getting on in years, me too, it seemed like sense to make the words stand out more. I think that maybe the body text size could be reduced slightly, and will work on it over the next few days.

To conclude:

I would like to say that life was easier in the good old days when the world and his dog viewed everything on 4:3 CRT monitors, but it wasn’t. Differences in the way that browsers delivered caused us to have to test each web page on at least Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Now we have to take into account not the browsers, but the variety of screen sizes upon which are website output will be viewed.

It doesn’t get any easier, and as fast as one issue is fixed, another appears out of the gloomin..


Update starts here:

The three column template looked too crowded, so I opted for a two column look with menus to the right side, Text stays at the same size. This is the last appearance change for a while, but the content will be updated as and when I get anything worth putting in.