I am getting around 225 hits per day on this blog according to WordPress statistics. That isn’t too bad for the blog of an old guy who rambles a little and admits to mistakes now and again.

What is more interesting is this one..

blog devices

If the reported 40% ownership of tablets is a true figure, it certainly isn’t showing here. I accept that my blog is all about Windows and PCs, and that almost all tablets are Android based, but that shouldn’t stop tablet users coming across blogs like this one. I’ll wager that they all have a PC as well.

The mobile number I can fully understand. With such a small screen, it would be next to impossible to follow the text here.

The big number clearly shows that desktops and notebooks rule, and yet almost the entire industry is putting its faith into the ‘portable’ market.

Some of my clients have e-readers, and one has a tablet because she likes to relax on a couch to surf, but the others like a usable keyboard and larger viewing screen, 15.6” in the case of notebooks, and around 21” for monitors.

It will be interesting to see how much shift there is over the next year, because I have also heard that tablet sales are flattening out.