.. will finally be pensioned off in October of this year. The final stand is in China, it having being pensioned off everywhere else in April of 2013.

MSN Messenger first appeared on July 22, 1999, and was a basic but quick way to message across computer systems. Features were added over the years, and it saw a name change or two, and it lives on now as Skype.

I liked MSN Messenger. It was the most reliable and easy of all of the original instant messengers which included Yahoo Messenger, AOL Buddy and ICQ. But hey, what do I know, being old and beyond help. Smile

These days, people like to be more open in what they say, seemingly regardless of consequences, on Facebook and Twitter.

I still like the idea of ‘privacy’ so I maintain a Skype account, but the only live contact on my list is my sister. If I want to contact anybody else, I have to do it globally on Facebook, encouraging smart remarks from all and sundry.

And yes, I have had to join the Facebook revolution or live a solitary existence, but I don’t like it.

And somebody somewhere is pushing me to like tablets and smartphones, all of which have annoyingly small screens and nasty on-screen keyboards.

And no, I flatly refuse to pay $300 + just to be able to play 1990 Amiga style platform games as I wait for my turn in the dentist’s chair.

I am an oldie and there was nothing wrong with the old ways, but all that I knew is fast disappearing. I turn around for two seconds, and it’s all gone. I don’t know if it is me who should wake up the those leading the new revolution.

One thing that I do know is that revolution only changes the command at the top. For the rest of us, our wallets still get raided for every last penny, and still nothing actually gets any better.

Back to the topic:

MSN Messenger represented simpler times, and while some craved ‘more features, more features’, they were good times.

Thank you, MSN Messenger for giving me the chance to message friends in real time across the globe. You will be missed, if only by oldies like me..