The last week in glorious monochrome..


The error showing is down to my machine coming out of hibernation, and as it has zero impact on anything, I don’t care.

This is how Event Viewer should look and my computer works very well indeed for what it is, age, general spec et al, and I never mess with the system because I know that problems will ALWAYS follow.

For the record, this computer runs Windows 8 Pro, Start8, and is always in desktop mode. Hardware is all properly supported by the motherboard manufacturer for Windows 8 except for the on-board video which I don’t use anyway, having bought a Windows 8 compatible cheapie ATI HD6450.

There are many computer users who consider that they know more than Microsoft. I am not one of them anymore and haven’t been for many years. In my early days with computers, I made many mistakes because I listened to these kinds of ‘experts’ and ran idiot stuff which made wild claims.

What I tell people in the Microsoft newsgroups, forums and here is the truth based upon many years of working out why things go wrong. The biggest culprit is the computer operator believing in computer myth and magic.

Easy computing is about common sense and rational, logical stuff, not fairy tales..

Do as I do and as I say and you will not go wrong. I am not suggesting that my ways are the most exciting, and you certainly will not be pushing any boats out based upon my advice, but what you will have is a computer which works, boots up every day and remains in a working condition long enough that you can finish your tasks for the session..