.. is ok except for MS Answers..You will all know what this is..

grrrrand I am getting to see a lot of it just recently and it is seriously affecting my batting average in the MS forums.

I get to answer three posts maybe and that’s it. The whirly ‘waiting’ thing appears and my session ends.

I read recently that the Internet is overloading, and I have a nasty feeling that syncing with clouds has something to do with the overload. I don’t contribute to any cloud storage, so it isn’t me who is partly responsible. It seems to me that everything is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, and I have no doubt that the eventual resolution is going to cost more too…

MS Answers is a busy place, a lot of pressure on the servers which allow access to it. That isn’t helping the cause either.

Fibre optics will help immensely but not for long. The Internet is no different to a road system. The planners look to the future, but by the time everything is in place, traffic has built up enough to cause gridlock.

I have fallen back to how I used to answer in the newsgroups where I answer a few and then deal with any feedback. Better to do that than to allow frustration to get the better of me..

Oh well, time to upload this to the MSMVPS blog server. I apologise now if it cuts into something that you are doing..