aka ‘Why you should never upgrade an OS on an old machine’..

I used an MSDN image of Windows 8.1 Update to create a bootable USB installation stick, and made the media with this.. ISO to USB .. a very simple and easy to use utility.

The Toshiba NB250 recognised it immediately and, despite generally low performance, it installed surprisingly quickly. It even found the wireless adapter. After rebooting, it all popped up but in 800 x 600 and everything looked a little distorted. The END.

That’s it. With a view like that, who wants to drive it. I never got around to se if the card reader worked because it didn’t matter. The whole exercise was a fail as far as I was concerned and I knew that it would be because I understand the importance of hardware drivers.


What I couldn’t understand is why I had to use Firefox to download an MSDN ISO image of Windows 8.1 Update Internet Explorer just didn’t want to play. It asked if I would like to install the MSDN download manager and then it forgot what it asked because I never got the MSDN download manager or the Windows 8.1 Update ISO.


Why did I not start with the failure of IE 11 to download the ISO? Well, I wanted something positive to start the article. The positive part was that ISO to USB worked well and Windows 8 1 Update installed quickly even if it wasn’t particularly usable at the end of it.

There was and is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the failure of IE 11 to NOT download a Microsoft operating system from Microsoft’s MSDN website.