I ran the Skype upgrade on the HP dv6700 yesterday. It uninstalled the older version but presented me with error 1603 which essentially means that Skype is not going to re-install.

It’s not a new error and I see reference to it as far back as 2010. The fix was to install an older version from oldversions.com, then upgrade, but there are two problems with this.

  1. Oldversion.com isn’t carrying an older version anymore
  2. The latest Skype upgrade uninstalls whatever version is present.

Suffice to say that no fix worked, and some were quite complex and required a visit to the world of Regedit.

This is not cool at all. My client talks to her sister in Australia via Skype, and shouldn’t have to get all techy to be able to upgrade Skype to the version that Microsoft wants her to run.

I understand that Microsoft is busy with Windows 9 and restructuring for the new age, but friends will be lost if simple upgrades to utilities like Skype fail. The issues may not be too important for Microsoft high command, but to the Windows users on the ground, they are make or break.

Presently, Skype is BROKEN and needs some serious attention.

In this case, I was lucky that there was a restore point just before the point where I ran the upgrade. The restore point saw the Skype icon re-appear, and all is well, but luck played a large part.