I have some very bad news for all of you Internet Explorer haters.

But first, I want to reassure you all that I am NOT one of them. I have been an Internet Explorer user from the very beginning, and I actively campaigned to get the ludicrously bad Netscape Navigator replaced by Internet Explorer with a number of ISPs in the UK back in the early days.

So lets recap on what I said back in July..


Are we all good? OK

There was no way that I was about to give in. I left Firefox as the default for so long because:

  1. My grand-daughter uses the computer regularly
  2. She likes reliability
  3. I was waiting for updates which might just fix the issues

The #3 point appears to have come true. This morning, I decided to revert back to IE 11 on the HP machine, and I used the link below to get the ‘IT professionals and Developers’ version.


A quick download, install and reboot later, I have a perfect working example of Internet Explorer 11 again, and all is well with the world. It doesn’t get any better, and I would do a dance were it not for physical limitations I have.

Why my fascination with Internet Explorer? 

Well, at its introduction, it was streets ahead of Netscape, and it has always been the easiest browser to use. Nothing is hidden, it’s easy to make changes and it is the fastest browser around. If the machine on which it is running is kept clean, Internet Explorer will run clean.


At the point where I reloaded the HP, there may have been updates which were not being kind to Internet Explorer 11, but I knew that it could run well because it was doing just that on all of my other machines. It has been a good morning, and now it is time to catch up on follow-ups in the MS forums and to explore the Windows 10 preview a little more..