This week @ TCG..

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My production machine.. Apart from the normal ‘hibernate’ errors (two only), the other error was down to connecting external drives which were corrupted. Essentially, this means that I don’t have problems with my aging production machine. I don’t intend to change anything, although I may treat myself to a better video card at some point, […]

Problems, problems.. Updated

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The computer in question: An HP Pavilion dm1 notebook.. It had been royally screwed up by another ‘technician’ who uses one click fixes to ply his trade. The operating system was (and still is) Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit pre-installed. There were masses of photos and music, none of which had been backed up by […]

Window sizing..

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Here we go again.. Half a window.. Grrrrrrrrrrr I have yet to find any method to make it stick at the size I want it to be. It only happens with an IE window. Everything else stays put.


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I am going to say it again.. ……………….. Don’t use Bitlocker to protect your data unless it is military grade and would threaten the security of your nation were it to become public knowledge.. ……………….. Bitlocker is NOT a toy utility.. ……………….. Bitlocker doesn’t encrypt files. It encrypts drives.. ……………….. Use Bitlocker at your own […]

This Blog.. updated

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You may have noticed that the original header image has disappeared. All of the work that I put in to making it has come to nothing. For reasons only known to the WordPress theme, it has decided to compress the header image to only 80 pixels which of course has involved more work. So, what […]

Just when you think it is safe..

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Azure fails.. Oops. So this is why I couldn’t get to some websites. It is just one more sign pointing to the fragility of new ways. Nothing is ever 100% reliable and that applies to the cloud as much as anything else. You can read more about it here.  Being an old-timer, I am […]

Return of the Netbook..

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HP will slap my hands for the title, but it looks like a Netbook, is the same size as a traditional Netbook, is low powered by comparison to a regular notebook, and in my world, that constitutes a NETBOOK. The HP Stream 11 is not a Netbook (yeah right). Officially, it is a Happy Place, […]

This week @ TCG..

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Not too much happening on the Windows 10 front, no updates, no nothing really. I am not using it day to day because I can’t fully replicate what I do in Windows 8 without taking Windows 8 down. So not much to say. On the Windows 8 front, today is the first in three weeks […]

Dual booting..

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It was only a matter of time before one of my drives needed to be checked for errors. The J drive, a 320gb WD IDE drive is in very good condition, but Windows 8 does not see it the same way and didn’t with Windows 7 either. I don’t actually dual boot. I parallel boot […]

How to make Windows 8/8.1 work for you..

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.. or more to the point, how I make it work for me. Those in high places should stop reading this now as it is going to hurt.. Don’t use any apps.. There is nothing an app can do that a regular tried and tested installable application or utility can’t do and and differences come […]

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