It has been a fairly quiet week here.

Clients: The client with the Vista desktop machine is still complaining of freezing now and again, and I was supposed to be taking a Linux box over to him today.

After a clean install, the HP machine is apparently still not stable, freezing up every now and again. I need to find out what is happening and whether it is the machine itself. I know that Vista had a bad rep, but the machine should cope with it better that the client thinks that it is.

My machine:  it crashed out twice at the beginning of the week, and I am not sure why but it hasn’t since so I will leave it be. A bit of positive news: The IE window problem where it was only opening half way down the screen seems to have corrected itself. Again, I have no idea why it happened or why it corrected.

Updated: More positive news.. File history is working again and I managed to select the drive on which Windows 10 preview is installed. All looking good now, eh.. Oh no it didn’t. When I left it running all looked good, but File History found the snake whose tail resides at square ONE !!!

Windows 10 Preview: I have been waiting for the latest updates to take it from the ‘60’ preview to the next level, but alas that will not happen. It would appear that File History being saved to the same drive has cobbled the ‘10’ boot manager, and it will no longer boot up.

Life is like that sometimes, but I have decided not to bother with ‘10’ previews now. It isn’t worth the time for me to be honest. I want a computer which has everything going for it, not sneak previews of a half finished, partly baked operating systems. Windows 10 is earmarked for release in the latter part of next year. I am fairly sure that I can wait that long, and on that note, I am off for a sleep..