Windows 10 – Feedback

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I have always believed that Microsoft Windows should be all things to all people and until Windows 8, that is how it was. Some features had been lost over the years, but new ones had also been added, and the general feel of Windows was still there. Windows 8 really crushed everything that Windows has […]

Running Windows 10 – a solution..

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Having given up the computer on which I was running the Preview to a good cause, and after having major issues parallel booting Windows 8 and 10 together, I now have a solution. I am using the Windows 8.1 Hyper-V facility to ‘house’ Windows 10 Preview. Hyper-V was easy enough to set up, I guess, […]

Windows 10 news..

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Cortana: If you ever played Halo, you will know who and/or what Cortana is. This is Cortana Mk 1, a smart Al who played a major part in getting the MasterChief through the first Halo game, Combat Evolved, and she was quite entertaining in her way. But Halo is just a game, and contact with […]

In the last few days..

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The last round of updates went well for me and the machines over which I have direct control, so nothing to report. No video? This is the machine.. The HP M9500Y lost contact with video output and USB while rebooting after updating, but I don’t think that it had anything to do with the […]

A gentle reminder..

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Email can be full of surprises but none more so that one I received in the last couple of days. ‘Skadden’ is a bona fide firm of lawyers based in New York City, but the email address of the sender ended in ‘.ru’ which is of Russian origin. Russians don’t think that we are all […]

Event Viewer issues @ TCG.. updated

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I never get many of these but one or two are persistent. Hibernation use continues to put a regular error into Event Viewer, and as yet I have found no way to stop it . There is,a CAPI2 entry, error 513. Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity() call in the System Writer Object.. There […]

A useful utility?

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I saw a review of a utility called ‘PatchMyPC’ and the reviewer seemed to think that it was ok to use based upon the fact that many users don’t regularly patch programs because they are unaware that patches are available and couldn’t find them anyway.. How it worked out.. So I decided to give it […]

Home front problems solved..

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My machine.. The ‘popping out of hibernation’ problem that I have been getting has been solved. One of the clues was a yellow light showing on the router where it should have been OFF. The adapter was set to wake up if it detected activity, not a setting I ever use in this environment, and […]

A simple error of judgement..

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Every time that I say my PC is good enough for what I do, I get a hankering for something faster, and I go looking for a better AM3 processor. Trouble is that I never find one within my budget of $12. The incumbent is an AMD AM3 Phenom II X4 965 3400mhz middle of […]

Welcome to 2015..

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This is the year that Microsoft re-introduces some of the features that made a traditional PC such a joy to use. I am hoping that Windows 10 is a little less Windows 8 than the previews have shown. More users have problems with the apps from Windows Store than should ever happen, and it would […]

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