This is the year that Microsoft re-introduces some of the features that made a traditional PC such a joy to use. I am hoping that Windows 10 is a little less Windows 8 than the previews have shown. More users have problems with the apps from Windows Store than should ever happen, and it would be a great shame if ‘10’ got tarnished in the same way as ‘8’ has. It would be nice to to see a new version of what was Windows Live Essentials 12 for instance.

Apparently there is going to be a new lightweight Microsoft browser too, and it won’t carry the name ‘Internet Explorer’ If it is better than IE, I will use it. If it isn’t any better or it ties me to a behaviour that I don’t want, I will stay with IE

The PC will make a resurgence in the latter part of the year, maybe not quite like it did in the 90’s, but a comeback all the same. I will not be buying a new PC because mine is still ok for what I do. It is an AMD AM3 powered PC and is not quite yet bottom of the support pile. The issues it has presently will be worked out when better drivers appear, and it will handle Windows 10 when the time comes.

OK.. so much for the good bits.. Smile

I think that we will see more big store data banks get hit, more of our personal credit details stolen. That will be fun. I can see ‘clouds’ taking a hit too, more Denial of Service attacks. That will be fun too for those who rely on cloud storage or online gaming via X-Box or whatever.

Hackers do it because they can, but what do they do with the data collected? That’s the scary part.

Tablets sales have hit my small business. Instead of getting the family PC repaired, somesmartstande have gone out and bought a tablet. Hey, what can I do.A can of worms is a can of worms however you change the appearance of the can. A poorly specified PC can be about as much use as a chocolate teapot, but compared to a poorly specified tablet, the PC is a GIANT, giant performance, giant storage, giant everything.

Talking of giants, the latest smartphone craze is giant. I saw a guy in a local mall just before Christmas trying to make a call on something like a Galaxy Note 4. That is one giant phone and he only just about had enough span across his hand to hold it to his ear. If they get much bigger, one of these (see right) is going to become a ‘must have’ accessory.. This is a lightweight model and no less pocketable than some of the phones that will need it. Good for tablets too, incidentally..

The IT industry will continue to lay booby traps for the unwary, and the wary among us will have to suck it up. If it’s ok with you, I am going to stay with the older ways. It is my contention that the industry used to try to make everything better and made lots of $$$$$ along the way, but now it is $$$$$ first and to hell with how it all pans out, and that doesn’t sit well with me at all.

Have a good 2015, and remember that your important data still needs to be backed up on something..