My machine..

The ‘popping out of hibernation’ problem that I have been getting has been solved. One of the clues was a yellow light showing on the router where it should have been OFF. The adapter was set to wake up if it detected activity, not a setting I ever use in this environment, and unexpected too. Maybe a driver update did it, or maybe a Windows Update.. who knows.

I am still waiting on revised chipset drivers from AMD, but the sudden shutdowns appear to have stopped for now.

The Lenovo G780..

A sudden bout of intransigence made me think that the hard drive was on its way west, so I installed a new drive and then set about installing Windows 8.1. It quickly became apparent that the problem was neither the drive or Windows 7. It was the MOUSE, a Microsoft Mobile 3500, not that old, perfectly good had it not been dropped onto the floor as often as it was.

It has a mouse because the touchpad left button got trashed and has to be turned off. The mouse now connected is a real cheapie that came as part of a really cheap keyboard/mouse combo, and that is how it will remain. The user of the machine has managed to destroy THREE Microsoft Mobile mice to date and enough is enough.

I let the Windows 8 installation continue with a view to leaving it on the machine, but squawks about this and that not being installed forced me into putting the Windows 7 drive back in. All is well as far as the main  user is concerned, but I feel disgruntled that such a nice machine has been abused. I am glad that I don’t have to share use of it.

So now I have to get another mouse as I no longer have one to affix to machines which I am given to repair..