The last round of updates went well for me and the machines over which I have direct control, so nothing to report.

No video?

This is the machine..

The HP M9500Y lost contact with video output and USB while rebooting after updating, but I don’t think that it had anything to do with the updates. Question.. what was wrong with it?

There was no output from the nVidia GS900, but there are TWO black screw down covers, both marked ‘DO NOT REMOVE’, and both attached with ‘star’ screws.presumably used to further discourage removal. Underneath these plates are the onboard video ports but the nVidia GS9500 card has to be removed for these ports to work.

Connecting the display to the newly found port saw video working again, I then reinstalled the nVidia GS9500 PCIe card, and that worked too.


It has an internal PCIe Wi-Fi adapter tucked in by the video card and from this adapter sprout two 30mm antenna wires. It really is no surprise that Wi-Fi performance is so poor if this is what the OEM manufacturers are supplying. I replaced it with a TP-Link WN8100 card when I first took ownership of the machine because the HP supplied unit was so hopeless.

Today, I installed the HP wireless adapter into my main machine, and less than a metre away from the wireless source sees it working well. I then started up Xirrus Wi_Fi Inspector and guess what? The ONLY wireless network it could see was mine. All of the other wireless machines find at least FIFTEEN networks, one of which I know to be in a building more than 100 metres away, but not the HP wireless adapter.

Quite what use this would be in an average house is beyond me. I live in an apartment, and would expect a wireless machine to pick up from at least adjacent apartments, and the HP wireless adapter simply can’t do that, struggling to pick up from a source around three metres away and within ‘line of sight’.