If you ever played Halo, you will know who and/or what Cortana is.

cortanaThis is Cortana Mk 1, a smart Al who played a major part in getting the MasterChief through the first Halo game, Combat Evolved, and she was quite entertaining in her way.

But Halo is just a game, and contact with Cortana may only last an hour or two. I don’t know how Cortana is going to pan out in Windows 10. Some of Cortana’s abilities look interesting on the face of it but having somebody steering you around all day could become a little too much over time.

I get annoyed when ads pop up for stuff where I have found a link to pass onto a poster in the Microsoft forums. One of the questions was about Office suites, and since picking up the link, I have had one ad after another for Corel WordPerfect X7. Add Cortana to my experience and I will be looking to turn some features off for ever. See here for more.

Getting Windows 10:

This is the really exciting bit. Windows 10 will be a FREE ONLINE upgrade to Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users in the first 12 months following the public release. Thereafter, if you don’t take advantage of the offer within the twelve months, you will have to pay the price.

I can’t imagine Windows 8/8.1 users not wanting to upgrade, but Windows 7 users should be a little more cautious. Some Windows 7 machines will have been around for six years almost and will be at the end of of their driver support lifecycles if they are not already. Likewise, peripheral devices like printers can lose support seemingly overnight.

It is also important to point out that the upgrade is done online and that an aspiring upgradee will have to ensure that there is a way back to the original operating system if all of it falls over. This is the most difficult part for many, especially as they don’t even know how to save valuable photos, let alone an entire system.

It will be an interesting time for all..