Having given up the computer on which I was running the Preview to a good cause, and after having major issues parallel booting Windows 8 and 10 together, I now have a solution.

I am using the Windows 8.1 Hyper-V facility to ‘house’ Windows 10 Preview. Hyper-V was easy enough to set up, I guess, taking a good few minutes to completely install, and Windows 10 installed just like it would on a regular drive.

It set up on a local account initially but then gave the option for me to use my Microsoft Insider account. That was easy too, but getting an Internet connection took a few look ups and some messing around, but I got it in the end. Even audio set up after a couple of reboots.

So now I have a working Windows 10 Preview which should not be able to cause grief anywhere. This I like.

I allocated 3gb RAM and 127gb drive space to Windows 10, and it all runs very nicely..


Sources to help with Hyper-V:

How to get Hyper-V running..


How to install Windows 10 into Hyper-V.. a nice little video for you..


How to get an Internet connection..