I have always believed that Microsoft Windows should be all things to all people and until Windows 8, that is how it was. Some features had been lost over the years, but new ones had also been added, and the general feel of Windows was still there.

Windows 8 really crushed everything that Windows has previously delivered. It was colourful but awkward, especially for those of us who still work with plain screens, a mouse and a keyboard.

Windows 10, while sharing some features with Windows 8, has changed the picture and some of Windows 8’s more annoying habits have gone. The ‘Windows apps are being smartened up to better compete with regular Windows 7 style programs, and not before time.

In some of the feedback I have seen for Windows 10, there are calls to dump the older stuff like Control Panel and put everything into ‘Settings’, but I vehemently disagree. The more features, ways of working and customizations, the better.

Desktops and notebooks are not going away anytime soon, and if we have to work on computers, we want something usable and familiar. Windows 10 as it stands presently is usable and does have some more familiar parts to it, the Start menu and the ability to have groups of apps/programs in the menu, the controls to minimize and close individual windows, spit screen views etc.

Microsoft needs to keep working with stuff like Windows Essentials too. Windows 7 users are not going to give up without a fight, and the Windows 8 apps are still a long way from reliability, failing to update, install and generally work like a useful program should.

Windows 10 is still a little scary because at the end of the day all you have initially are the dreaded apps, albeit with more functionality than they had originally. Don’t be scared to do what you did with Windows 7. That operating system came supplied with virtually nothing, but it only took a few minutes to fill it with some useful stuff. You can do the same for Windows 10..