Windows 10 start menus.. updated

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Start10.. When I saw reference to Stardock Start10, I quickly found my way to the Stardock home page here, only to find that one has to be a subscriber to Stardock’s ‘Object Desktop’ which only costs $49.99. What a deal that is, in my case a complete and utter deal breaker. So no, I won’t […]

Hardware issues..

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My Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 has finally been pensioned off. Yesterday, the scroll function, very important when using a 19” widescreen when surfing, totally gave up the ghost. The rechargeable batteries are getting a recharge and the mouse is sitting very disconsolately on the edge of the desk. The mouse was the star of this […]

What price security?

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Lenovo was wrong.. See here  Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that an OEM did this. What hurts is that I have recommended Lenovo hardware as a good replacement for other makes. I probably still will too because I always do the initial setup for my clients and can shoot Superfish before they get it. However.. […]

Windows 10 on the NB250.. in use..

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The screen text size is small, very small and painfully unreadable for somebody who has to carry around a credit card sized magnifier just to read labels on grocery store products. There is some scope for increasing the size of everything, but not everything needs to be bigger, so the best solution for me has […]

Windows 10 on the NB250.. an update..

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While the upgrade from Windows 7 to the Windows 10 Preview, in the background all was not well at all. Task Manager showed between 96 and 100% usage which would not go away. I left it over night and tackled the problem this morning but nothing I did worked. Placing the original clean install drive […]

Windows 10.. on a Toshiba NB250?

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For those who don’t know, the Toshiba NB250 is a nicely made netbook which appeared early in 2010 c/w Windows 7 Starter, 1gb RAM, 250gb HDD, 10.1” display, a really nice keyboard, and average battery life. The processor is an Intel Atom N455 which does not exactly endow the machine with bristling performance, and the […]

‘Should I remove it’?

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The problem is knowing enough to make a sound judgement. I am talking about some of the stuff that you see when you start up ‘Programs and Features’ It’s all very well for people like me to hand out advice to the effect that you should remove anything which does not appear to be kosher, […]

Windows Updates – February edition..

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My production machine again proved to be the difficult one. It was the first to download them and ask for a reboot but, of the seventeen updates,  it managed only nine. A second run at the other eight saw them all install as Microsoft intended. Now, it keeps offering the Defender rollup time and again. […]

Windows 10 – Maybe it’s just me..

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I have Windows 10 running in Hyper-V, and it isn’t a lot of fun but the best I can do presently. Hyper-V doesn’t like USB, and unless I go into stuff making changes I don’t want to make, using USB flash drives while in Windows 10 is a no-no. The initial set up was not […]

Get your cards out.. :-)

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Are you ready for the next round of phones and tablets? ARM have a new chip in the wings, the ARM 72, which promises a 2x speed increase and battery life. See here.. All you have to do is dump your old devices for the new ones when they appear in the market. Don’t you […]

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