Are you ready for the next round of phones and tablets?

ARM have a new chip in the wings, the ARM 72, which promises a 2x speed increase and battery life. See here..

All you have to do is dump your old devices for the new ones when they appear in the market. Don’t you just love how the manufacturers always try to ensure that you have cutting edge equipment even if you don’t really need it.

In the days when the Nokia 3210 ruled, if you wanted a ‘different’ phone, you just bought 3rd party covers, transforming your old, stock phone into a dazzling new one and all for about $10. Now you have to stump up $$$ if you want to maintain credibility within your friends group.

Total insanity is what I think it is, not the improvements made to phones and tablets, but the crazed rush to get the latest and greatest within 30 minutes of release !!

On the subject of total insanity..

A lady crossed a parking lot, head down, totally immersed on what was on her cellphone. Blissfully unaware of anything going on around her, including her son and husband bringing up the rear, I can only assume that she was waiting for confirmation of an invitation to the Queen’s garden party. It must have been very important.whatever it was.

I saw a guy in a local mall who had bought himself a nice Galaxy Note 4. He was struggling to hold it to his ear because his hand span was only just large enough. The alternative? Put it on speaker phone such that everybody can hear it. Oh joy.. Smile