The problem is knowing enough to make a sound judgement. I am talking about some of the stuff that you see when you start up ‘Programs and Features’

It’s all very well for people like me to hand out advice to the effect that you should remove anything which does not appear to be kosher, but there is no definitive list and I can understand people baulking because they are unsure.

OK, now there is a way that you can easily see what’s good and what’s not. The utility is called ‘Should I remove it’

Clicking on anything in the list that it produces shows a ‘What is it’ box which gives you a chance to assess what the program does, and there is also an ‘uninstall’ box for the times where you decide it should go.

You can get it here.. 

There is a blue button which takes you to to an anti-malware scanner called herdProtect. This I am not so sure about. It is presently a beta version which fortunately does not run in the background. I don’t like malware scanners running in the background because they tend to slow things up. This one you have to run manually and then decide what to do about its findings.

I have downloaded the portable and installable versions and will try them both out before I make a recommendation. More to follow..